Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

Local Reporter Killed (page 3)
Burnsville reporter Dan O’Gallagher was killed while researching a trainjacking this past weekend. His companions were not reached, but the Sheriff had this to say: “Well, I tried to warn him: you go making trouble long enough, you wind up with a bullet in your back.”

The memorial, payed for by his associates, will be held this Sunday in Burnsville.
His unique editorial style will be missed.

-Thomas Schenectady, Muskeegie Herald

Death of a German

Local investigative reporter and Burnsville citizen DAN O’GALLAGHER was assaulted on June 17th by a crazed gunman, VOLFGANGTHE KRAUTSCHMIDT. Recent allies, the reporter was held at gunpoint in the local firearms distribution store (GUNN’S GUNS, BUY TODAY!) by his former comrade, whom he had rescued some weeks before from the town drunk tank, hoping to offer the irascible German some longterm employment.

The fight was over in moments, and the German native did not survive his wounds. A trial was held, and in short order it was ascertained that the Kraut was known for drinking heavily and possessing a foul temperament, though it remained unknown what precisely had caused his eventual and fatal outburst.

DAN O’GALLAGHER has made restitution to GUNN’S GUNS for the damage caused in the fighting, and reimbursed the town for the funeral cost of his former friend and ally.

Rest in Peace, Kraut.

-mournfully reported from eyewitness accounts and personal tragedy by DAN O’GALLAGHER

Train Passenger Abduction!

June 16th, the locals of Burnsville gathered at the train station, a hulking locomotive resting after a long journey. What might have been cause for celebration was met with alarm; not only was the train an hour early, not a living soul could be found within!

Having set out from the nearby Logging Camp, Station Agent MCCRACKEN telegraphed the origin of the train to find that it had indeed left with twenty-odd passengers and assorted luggage, but on the train itself there was only the Burnsville Sheriff, who was utterly baffled by the mystery. A local widow expressed concern for the people’s safety.

The Mayor called for citizens to remain calm, and the “O’GALLAGHER BOYS” took to aiding in the investigation. In a matter of moments, they were able to deduce an attack had occured, and signs indicated a struggle.

The Sheriff O’NEIL, having more important duties to tend to than the disappearance of twenty train passengers, graciously allowed the “BOYS” to set off and discover the origins of this attack. A long journey led them to a series of dusty tracks, as some had attempted to flee. Indian arrows and shell casings littered the area around the tracks just about halfway between the Log Camp and Burnsville.

Following these, the “BOYS” eventually encountered an Indian encampment. Peaceful negotiations (aided by gifts) brought information: the Indians had seen a group of bandits rustle the train and kidnap the passengers and crew, and the noble savages had attempted a rescue before being driven back by the gunfire.

Harrowed by this awful tale, DAN O’GALLAGHER and LAYTON ROANIC made for the Sheriff straightaway, hoping this new information would spur some significant action from the local lawman O’NEIL.

Cursory searches have yet to produce results, but the “BOYS” intend to ride again.

In other news, the Sheriff O’NEIL has yet to find the missing loot from deceased outlaw “BUTCH” Kelly. The search continues.

-written and reported from eyewitness accounts and personal derring-do by DAN O’GALLAGHER

O' Gallagher's Article

Local Outlaw Sent to Boot Hill

The little town of Burnsville had been plagued for months by notorious scoundrel “BUTCHKELLY, a known extortionist and murderer who led a band of five on a spree of debauched crime. As of Saturday, the ladies of Burnsville may rest easy; no rapscallion will be making widows of them any time soon, as a heroic trio, calling themselves “THE O’GALLAGHER BOYS” engaged in a heroic mission to find and eliminate the outlaw band.

DANIEL O’GALLAGHER had breezed into town not three days prior before encountering the rascal, and witnessing the terrible murder of an innocent bystander when a mysterious, if brave, citizen attempted to gun them down. Nobly, he endeavored to end the varmint’s miserable life with the aid of portly sidekick LAYTONCHUBSROANIC. This extra gunhand, combined with a clever piece of chest armor forged by the quality German steel of VOLFGANGTHE KRAUT”, a local blacksmith, enabled them to sneak up on the bandits in their lair.

Local settlers volunteered to take out the twin lookouts, leaving O’GALLAGHER and the BOYS to face “BUTCH” and three others outgunned, but a quick trigger-finger from his trusty SPENCER CARBINE (BUY TODAY FROM GUNN’S GUNS!) left “BUTCH” gasping for air, where “CHUBS” was able to fire off a mercy kill on the now-whimpering yellow-bellied coward.

The money was unable to be fully recovered, but a search is underway by the local Sheriff’s department, with the aid of the heroic GALLAGHER BOYS.

-written and reported from on the scene observation and derring-do by Dan O’Gallagher

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