Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

O' Gallagher's Article


Local Outlaw Sent to Boot Hill

The little town of Burnsville had been plagued for months by notorious scoundrel “BUTCHKELLY, a known extortionist and murderer who led a band of five on a spree of debauched crime. As of Saturday, the ladies of Burnsville may rest easy; no rapscallion will be making widows of them any time soon, as a heroic trio, calling themselves “THE O’GALLAGHER BOYS” engaged in a heroic mission to find and eliminate the outlaw band.

DANIEL O’GALLAGHER had breezed into town not three days prior before encountering the rascal, and witnessing the terrible murder of an innocent bystander when a mysterious, if brave, citizen attempted to gun them down. Nobly, he endeavored to end the varmint’s miserable life with the aid of portly sidekick LAYTONCHUBSROANIC. This extra gunhand, combined with a clever piece of chest armor forged by the quality German steel of VOLFGANGTHE KRAUT”, a local blacksmith, enabled them to sneak up on the bandits in their lair.

Local settlers volunteered to take out the twin lookouts, leaving O’GALLAGHER and the BOYS to face “BUTCH” and three others outgunned, but a quick trigger-finger from his trusty SPENCER CARBINE (BUY TODAY FROM GUNN’S GUNS!) left “BUTCH” gasping for air, where “CHUBS” was able to fire off a mercy kill on the now-whimpering yellow-bellied coward.

The money was unable to be fully recovered, but a search is underway by the local Sheriff’s department, with the aid of the heroic GALLAGHER BOYS.

-written and reported from on the scene observation and derring-do by Dan O’Gallagher



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