Dan O'Gallagher (Deceased)

Idealist Journalist - Bent on Regional Takeover


Daniel O’Gallagher
6’4" 175lbs Male
Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

Profession: Journalist/Author

Born in the good ol’ U.S. of A, Dan O’Gallagher came from comparative wealth, a pair of well-to-do ranch owners up in Vermont. Hearing tales of cowpokes and having something of a natural flair for the liar’s arts hisself, he ditched home to make a name in The Cauldron as a hero. Failing that, he wouldn’t mind settling down on a fortune in bawdy novella deals. Whichever comes first. Unfortunately, what did come first was an unlucky gutshot. He may not have been a hero, as liars and fameseekers tend not to be, but a fella’ don’t often get the opportunity to die for a cause that’s just. Farewell, O’Gallagher. The Boys ride on.

Dan O'Gallagher (Deceased)

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