Cowboy up
The Shattered Frontier, a lawless land filled with would be heroes and those who would see your purse empty and your body in a shallow grave.

During a short two week break the boys took time to take on some personal goals. Dan wrote his articles in the Muskeegie Herald as well as purchasing 100 rounds for his trusty rifle to practice his aim. Lleyton took time to get to know the people at the ranch he’s been working at and as well bought 100 rounds to practice his steady hand with his revolver. Wolfgang continued his work at Gunn’s Guns and he too bought 100 rounds to practice his drunken free firing with his signature rifle. But don’t you worry for….

The O’Gallagher Boys are at it again! This week the boys investigated a rather peculiar incident; it was a dark and foggy night when the local locomotive came to a rolling stop, no whistle blow, no conductor yelling the familiar “All aboard!” The train was seemingly empty, a “ghost train” if you will, this struck the boys as odd and investigation began.

Upon finding several clues on the train and some useful information from the locals as well as contacting the logging camp for some useful information, the boys visited Sherriff O’Neil to gather a posse and ride out, however the Sherriff declined this offer and instead said the boys would have to go this one alone. The boys decided that’s exactly what they would do, Lleyton set off to ask his boss for a day off which he received and Dan took this time to offer Wolfgang a chance to go on another one of their crazy adventures, however Wolfgang feeling insulted declined.

They set out to investigate the tracks; they hoped to find where the incident took place. A few hours on horseback and they had discovered what looked like tracks and the tell-tale signs of battle, they followed these tracks until they lead to a set of new tracks, but not just any tracks these were Ingin tracks. They knew they were on the right path now. Not too long after and they had spotted a small fire in the distance, Ingins, Dan approached as Lleyton guarded the rear, after some smooth diplomacy Dan had learned that the Natives were not the enemy, nay they were in fact heroes in their own right, they had done all they could including taking injury to try to save the passengers from being taken by what looked like a bunch of no good yellow bellied bandits.

Upon learning this news they headed back to town to resupply and allow Lleyton time to do his work at the ranch until his next day off. During the week Dan headed to Gunn’s Guns to pay a visit to his friend and trusted companion Wolfgang Schmidt, but kind words were not spoken that sad night, Wolfgang upon feeling insulted by Dan one too many times drew his firearm and took aim, Dan thinking quickly but rashly took to cover and as well took aim. Wolfgang took first shot missing just barely, unluckily for Wolfgang Dan did not miss his target, he struck the neck and Wolfgang fell to the ground bleeding profusely, he passed not long after. Dan stood trial for his alleged crimes, the court voted in favor of Dan stating that he killed Wolfgang in self-defense.

Lleyton returned that weekend, Dan had to tell him the unfortunate news; Wolfgang was dead and it was due to an unfortunate argument that lead to bloodshed. Dan payed for the expenses of the funeral and they buried their companion.

Later that day they met to discuss if or how they should proceed with the investigation, however this conversation was cut short when a passing citizen yelled to Lleyton “Hey look, it’s Chubs!” Lleyton didn’t take kindly to this chasing down the man and tackling him, he yelled to the man and all those around him “Don’t nobody call me Chubs! Ya hear that! Nobody calls me Chubs!” he promptly returned to Dan and they decided how to proceed.

They decided to interview a young man who was worried for a friend that had been on the “ghost train” the friend was supposed to deliver a special rifle and a message for him from his father. They recalled seeing a special looking rifle case on the train and the three set out to the sheriff’s office to see if the rifle might be there. The sheriff seemed a bit more uncooperative than usual and an argument ensued, Dan and Layton questioned the sheriff’s motives and the sheriff said they should be careful because someday they might find a bullet in their back.

The two decided it would be best to leave town for a while and continue their search for the captured passengers, they would head out to find a native that would track for them. What happened to the missing passengers? How will the dispute between the O’Gallagher Boys and Sheriff O’Neil end? And will Ted ever stop being such a faggot? We’ll find out next session of Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier.

Also be sure to check the Adventure Log for Dan O’Gallagher’s reports in the Muskeegie Herald!

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

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